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This is a Hub where you can find important pages more easily. Below are portals to the Rulebook, Roster, Equipment Master List and Our Story

We have the official rulebook of Cometderby available to everyone. Keep in mind the rules of this sport may change, as it still is a new sport. If we make a change to the rules, we will post the most recent version here. We will also stamp the date in which we change the rules so you can see when we implemented a change.

We keep track of player tendencies, abilities and intangibles in order to properly rate each player. This Player List will be growing as we as a sport grow. If you would like to be on this list, please contact the commissioner to set up a scrimmage.

We now keep a list of equipment needed in order to play Cometderby. Since this game is still evolving, there are different options available to pick and choose between. Actual playing experience may vary upon using different equipment.

Want to learn how Cometderby started? We have an article on what the game was before the game even had an official name, as well as the year-by-year evolution of the game and a future outlook of what we expect Cometderby to have.

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