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This is Our Story.

When this sport started, I was just starting high school, when my brother and I began tossing a sky bounce ball around the house. One day I had an idea to stick a laundry basket in front of me and challenged my brother to score on me. After a few minutes of throwing the ball at me, we switched sides, and I ran at my brother and we were violently thrown to the ground. Ground rules were put in place to make our little time-killer of a game safer. A month later, we brought this game outside, with more rules to make this a more fun and exciting experience. We named this game OBA.

A year later, our friend learned about OBA, and he quickly got on-board with our game and he chipped in with his own ideas that were soon added to our small list of rules. I requested to my P.E. teacher that we played OBA during class for a day. I explained the rules to her and she obliged. I gave my first demonstration to a group of kids in my gym class and we spent an hour playing a game I made up; a dream come true. However, this was only the beginning.

In 2017, a full list of rules, definitions, player positions, and objectives were set, and more of our friends played in our free time. We used these scrimmages to refine the rules. Everyone involved wanted to put in their ideas, most of them ended up vital additions to the game. Most importantly, we came up with a permanent name for this game: Cometderby. "Comet" in reference to the cosmic ice balls that fly around in space, famous for their long trails. "Derbies" are sporting events open to the public.

In late 2019, our first official demonstration was held and was attended by close friends. We took videos, snapped pictures, ate food, and introduced new people to a new game. This demonstration allowed us to add more rules, take away others, and perfect a dream.

In 2020, we are hosting regular demonstrations, and while these are still between friends, we are working hard to recruit new people to our game. This has been the most important year for Cometderby, and we are moving ever-closer to an organized league for this sport. We are so excited to see where our future takes us!

Now, in 2021, and beyond we are looking to begin again in the state of Illinois, as well as grow in our home of Wisconsin.


Logo History

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