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The Players

Want to be on this list? Consider joining a Cometderby league! We'll offer a 40-yard dash, as well as other training drills to give you the most accurate Overall Rating possible. Throughout demonstrations and matches, these Overall Ratings may change, so check in regularly to see how these players improve!


Speed (SPD) shows off how good a player is when running, jumping, and route running. Throw Power (THP) is how hard and how far a player can throw the ball, while Throw Accuracy (THA) decides how well a player can get the ball where they expect it to go, and if that player can throw short passes in addition to long passes. A high Catch (CTH)  rating shows off the skill of a player holding onto the ball when it is thrown to them. It also calculates their abilities for a spectacular catch, catches in traffic, as well as short and long passes. The Block (BLK) rating is the ability to cover their opponents during Clear attempts and the ability to defend goals. Player Vision (VIS) is a player's ability to see where the ball is, where the ball is going, being able to predict when their teammate is open for a pass, spot a mismatch in coverage, or an opening in the defense to attempt a shot. This is also the way of knowing the player's ability of play recognition, as well as awareness of their surroundings. Player Stamina (STA) determines how much they can play before resting, how quickly they can get back into the game after a break, and the player's ability to avoid injuries. Timing (TMG) combines the amount of aggressiveness a player uses to jump on a loose ball, how hard a player rushes a player with the ball, how fast an Attacker crosses the Shooting Line, or how fast a defender crosses the Goal Line. How the player calculates the risk of being aggressive versus being cautious and using patience. Communication (COM) rates a player's ability to talk with their team, both on the field and off, with or without actually saying a word. Good communication between players can be as simple as waving your hands in the air to show that you're open, or it can be little details like a defender shifting their eyes as a way to get their players open in order to get an open pass.


Balanced Fine player in most or all categories, but no main specialty/Not enough scouting to have a proper report

Cheat Code Fastest player with the best arm rating. All-around great player

Player-Coach Their team plays well when the ball is in their hands. Knows the rulebook like the back of their hand

Cannon Hard-throwing player that likes attempting one-timers or long Clears

West Coast Tends to pass short, which leads to more accurate throws

Lockdown D Highest Block rating, nothing gets past them easily

Deep Threat Fast and smart route running which leads to wide-open catches


Safety #4 - 98 OVR Tendency: Cheat Code

Clarke University

93 SPD, 96 THP, 93 THA, 95 CTH, 80 BLK, 87 VIS, 95 STA, 90 TMG, 90 COM


Charger #24 - 94 OVR Tendency: Player Coach

Maryville University

74 SPD 83 THP, 87 THA, 87 CTH, 78 BLK, 83 VIS, 77 STA, 90 TMG, 95 COM


Keith Scharrer

Saftey #12 - 93 OVR Tendency: Deep Threat

92 SPD, 88 THP, 93 THA, 88 CTH, 73 BLK, 80 VIS, 85 STA, 79 TMG, 83 COM


Attacker #12 - 90 OVR Tendency: Cannon

Viterbo University

84 SPD, 93 THP, 86 THA, 84 CTH, 72 BLK, 75 VIS, 85 STA, 80 TMG, 78 COM


Harrison Huelsemann

Attacker #29 - 87 OVR Tendency: West Coast

73 SPD, 93 THP, 82 THA, 78 CTH, 75 BLK, 76 VIS, 74 STA, 73 TMG, 75 COM


Danny Carbajal

Attacker #14 - 87 OVR Tendency: Deep Threat

83 SPD, 79 THP, 84 THA, 86 CTH, 60 BLK, 93 VIS, 79 STA, 75 TMG, 90 COM


Mason Barsness

Goaltender #0 - 87 OVR Tendency: Lockdown D

69 SPD, 80 THP, 78 THA, 79 CTH, 95 BLK, 75 VIS, 76 STA, 72 TMG, 79 COM


Donovan Chambers

Goaltender #17 - 87 OVR Tendency: West Coast

80 SPD, 79 THP, 82 THA, 81 CTH, 80 BLK, 81 VIS, 78 STA, 73 TMG, 75 COM


Alen Bocari

Def. End #27 - 86 OVR Tendency: Balanced

80 SPD, 86 THP, 81 THA, 86 CTH, 60 BLK, 88 VIS, 77 STA, 71 TMG, 70 COM


Brennen Briske

Def. End #45 - 85 OVR

Tendency: West Coast

McHenry County College

79 SPD, 79 THP, 78 THA, 80 CTH, 74 BLK, 78 VIS, 74 STA, 75 TMG, 75 COM


Tyler Jacobson

Attacker #0 - 82 OVR Tendency: Deep Threat

81 SPD, 77 THP, 76 THA, 74 CTH, 68 BLK,  74 VIS, 79 STA, 71 TMG, 71 COM

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