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What do you need to play?

If you wanted to play Cometderby today, with the supplies you already own in your home, you probably can. Although there is no official Cometderby game ball yet, there are some that we personally recommend. Here is the list of essential equipment to get a game going.



The Ball

We have used different game balls from a number of different vendors. Maui Toys' SkyBall is difficult to find nowadays, but we have found an excellent alternative. It's such a good ball, we might switch over to it permanently.


The Basket

Call it what you want: The Can, The Bucket, The Goal or The Basket. This is the second-most important piece of equipment. We buy ours from Menards, but there are too many places to list. Find these at any hardware store, grocery store or online marketplace.


Please be sure to buy a heavy duty trash can. Buying cheap cans will result in a broken basket if a ball is thrown hard enough.



The Markers

Cones, Pylons and Markers are great for plotting where the boundaries are. You'll need them for marking the Shooting/Goal/Neutral Lines. You'll also need markers for the Goaltender's Crease. You need pylons for marking off the Clear Zone. Penalty flags are thrown when there guessed it-penalties! Any flag that is weighted with sand will work.



The Backstop

To be clear, the backstop is not a must-have if you don't need one. Though, it can be extremely helpful for blocking ill-advised throws or miss-timed one-timers. These nets from GoSports is our go-to for netting.

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